Mobsters 2 Vendetta on Facebook - Tool Selection

Gain an edge by having the right tools.

Mobsters 2 Tools Available Here:

Equipment Manager Online
Equipment Manager

Cost and Sale value of ALL items
FP Cost of everything you own.
Ordered list of Used and Unused items by location
Total Unused items and their sale value
Equipment displayed during fights

Equipment List Equipment Lists Lists of the items in the database that drives the Equipment Manager
Link Rebuilder Gift Link Rebuilder Recreate lost gift links
Combine common used links into one local web page
Emial Freebies Email Freebies Collect any Email Free Gifts that you may have missed
M2 Tips M2 Tips Just a spot to put some shortcuts I have found
Some Useful External Links: Recent Updates:
Territory Guide Complete breakdown of the territories hierarchy with levels and cash requirements.
Item Spreadsheet Equipment and Location details
JamesPlayuh Blog with unique content for M2 and other Social Games.
FaceBook Link Build FB Link from ID#
Mobsters Link Build M2 Link From ID#

12/31/11: Added Chrome, FireFox, IE9 Compatibility.
12/31/11: Added Shanghai & Sicily.
02/20/12: Resolved Fobidden error when no HG data.
02/21/12: Fixed Gift Link Rebuilder.
03/12/12: Fixed Hit Man Class data error.
03/24/12: Added Hawaii.
04/02/12: Added New Gifts to Rebuilder.
07/10/12: Added Many to Email Freebies.
10/30/12: Modified Equipment Lists.
10/30/12: Corrected Data Errors.
11/20/12: Added Sydney, Corrected Data & Display.
12/03/12: Corrected Required for Mission Data
12/03/12: Tweeked Best to Buy algo.
01/08/13: Updated Email Freebies.
02/26/13: Added M2 Tips page.
06/06/13: Added Los Angeles

Finally.... If you would like to help with the development of the tools hosted here by providing feedback, please use the link at the bottom of each page. Thanks!