Mobsters 2 Vendetta on Facebook
Gift Link Rebuilder

If you already know how this works:    
How this works

When someone sends you send a gift, Mobsters increments a counter on their server indicating you are able to receive one more of a particular gift from a particular person.

Most players do not realize they have a multitude of unclaimed gifts. Even if they thought this was true, most players do not have a way of recreating the gift link to claim these old and sometimes valuable gifts.This small tool will rebuild lost gifts links so you can see if there are any for you to claim.

Since Mobsters records who sent the gift we will need the ID of the player who sent you a gift that has yet to be claimed.

This can be done a couple of ways:

  Within Mobsters
  1. Go to your mob list
  2. Go to the mobbie
  3. Right-click the picture of the Mobbie
  4. Select Save Picture As
  5. Copy the number in the name of the file
  Within Facebook
  1. Go to the persons profile page
  2. Copy the number after ID= in the address bar

Paste or enter the number into the box above and click continue.

Saving your links

Ok, so now you have found a bunch of gifts to collect but do not want to come back here every day to get them. Save the page.

After you enter the ID above and are on to the links page:

  1. Click File
  2. Click Save As - Assure Save as Type is Web Archive
  3. Click Save

Now you can double click the file you saved to collect your gifts, until they run out of course.


  1. You will only be able to collect gifts from individuals who have sent you gifts
  2. You will only be able to collect these gifts until the server counter reaches 0, i.e. only those due to you.
  3. You will not be able to collect more gifts than have been sent to you.
  4. When you have collected all the gifts of a certain type from a certain individual, M2 will tell you the gift has 'Expired'


If you are consistently collecting the same gifts from the same mobbies, You could use this tool to create those links and save them to your local drive. You could then use notepad to combine the links into a single file. This one location would have all the links you would need to collect your gifts. No more popping back and forth to facebook. You would though, have to remove these requests from FB since you are collecting them without FB removing the original requests from your profile. To really save time, you could then Ignore those friends in FB that you are collecting this way and not even have to remove the expired FB notifications. Got it ?